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Moulage par injection de fauteuil de moule de chaise de rotin en plastique de ménage

Moulage par injection de fauteuil de moule de chaise de rotin en plastique de ménage

Avantages de Hongmei Mold Company : Qualité : 1. Une équipe de conception industrielle indépendante, une analyse préco


Informations de base.
Numéro de modèle.HM139
ApplicationMarchandise, usage domestique
CoureurCoureur chaud
Logiciel de conceptionet
AttestationTS16949, ISO9001, GV
Service après-vente24 heures
Type de portePorte Pinpoint, porte Edge, porte secondaire, porte film, VAL
Traitement thermiqueExtincteur, nitruration, revenu, etc.
Durée de vie du moule50 à 500 millions de clichés
Heure T135-45 jours
Forfait TransportCaisse en bois
spécificationDépend des exigences du client
Marque déposéeHongmei
Code SH8480719090
Capacité de production500 ensembles/an
Description du produit
Avantages de Hongmei Mold Company : Qualité : 1. Une équipe de conception industrielle indépendante, une analyse précoce de faisabilité DFM et une discussion interactive peuvent confirmer efficacement le succès de l'ouverture ultérieure du moule.2. L'utilisation standardisée du centre d'usinage à 5 axes fidia/dmg/okuma importé/centre d'usinage makino EDM/machine de moulage par injection haïtienne 120t-3300t/machine à eau glacée Naser haute puissance et centre d'inspection tridimensionnel hexagonal CMM contrôle efficacement la qualité du traitement des moules .Délai de livraison :1. Pour le groupe de moules avec une classification claire (pièces automobiles/appareils électroménagers/nécessités quotidiennes du ménage/logistique), la capacité entrante doit être évaluée et la planification correspondante doit être effectuée pour garantir la livraison et la livraison des échantillons à temps.2. La base de moule standard permet aux clients de réparer et de remplacer facilement, de raccourcir le temps de maintenance ultérieure et de purifier à temps. Un total de plus de 500 moules peuvent être réalisés chaque année. Coût : complétez la commande en fonction des exigences du marché et du client, réduisez le coût d'ouverture du moule du client et contrôlez le coût interne du moule Hongmei. Service : excellent service après-vente, prêt pour répondre aux premiers besoins après-vente des clients. Les problèmes des clients sont nos problèmes. Service en ligne 24 heures sur 24 pour aider les clients à résoudre les problèmes

>1. Hongmei has the vulnerable parts of the mold for standby before delivery, and the parts are replaced.2. During the warranty period, if the mold has quality problems and the failure is not caused by human activities, we will guide the maintenance or our technicians will go to the site for maintenance. If it cannot be handled on site, it can be transported back to the company for treatment, and the treatment measures can be recorded for the acceptance of the guests.3. We use a standard mold base with die inserts inside, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement, which not only shortens the time of later maintenance, but also saves maintenance costs.4. The mold is assembled by experienced engineers according to high requirements, so as to ensure the details and quality of the mold, and make the mold run more smoothly and efficiently when the customer produces.5. If there is a problem with the mold and vulnerable parts after the warranty period, the company can assist and guide customers to solve technical problems. If the customer's purchase is not available, we will customize it for the customer, and charge a certain cost of materials and freight.Why are our molds expensive?1. Mold steel: we will choose different steel according to the requirements of injection molding materials and mold life, and will not blindly choose cheap steel for the sake of low price.2. Structural design: each designer has received professional training and has rich experience in the company for more than 15 years. He has accurate control over the shrinkage rate of product materials, forming temperature, cooling water path and mold opening and closing speed.3. Mold processing: good mold technology can help our customers speed up the production cycle, shorten the processing time, and effectively save costs. We use mirror EDM and Muye high-speed milling machine for finishing, which can ensure the stability of the production process and prolong the service life of the mold.4. Assembly: at present, there are few places where molds need to be manually made. Collision is a seemingly simple but technical work. For example, when some complex plastic parts have irregular parting surfaces and multiple slider top blocks, it requires a master with decades of work experience in our company to assemble them. We will provide a complete set of mold manufacturing and injection molding solutions according to customers' budget plans and needs.We always focus on improving quality and service. We are willing to provide the best service and products for all customers.Here we adhere to the development and manufacturing orientation of "high speed, precision, high efficiency, environmental protection and low consumption", improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and create economic benefits and value for customers.If you are interested in our company, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or messenger.Looking forward to cooperating with you!Best wishs for you and your company all people!HoMe Mould hope to have long-term cooperation in the future.For Further details ,please feel free to contact us.Thank you very muchLet's start cooperation and create mutual benefit for each other!FAQQ: Are you mould factory?brA: Yes, Hongmei company is established in 2014 which specialized in making injection mouldbrQ: What kind of mould you can make?brA: Plastic injection mould,mainly including household part mould, appliance shell mould, thin wall part mould, auto motive part mould, industry part mould, pipe mould and pet preform mouldbrQ: What about your payment terms?brA: 50% prepayment in advance, and the balance should be paid before shipmentbrQ: How long to finish a mould?brA: Mostly will be finished in 45 days, but some complex and big mould will spent more timebrQ: How's annual output of your company?brA: We can make 300-500 sets each yearbrQ: How long of the mould warranty period?brA: The mould warranty period for 1 year(Damage caused by human factors or accident are not within the the scope of warranty), and wearing parts will send to you for free.Hongmei company will customize the mould for you to save time and money. We are looking forward to cooperating with you! Good after sales service! Your satisfaction is our pursuit! Welcome you inquire us!Further Information Contact us!/p>

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